Hoover Vacuum Edition 4.13.11

All mothers know that babies have an “oral” fixation.  It’s natural.  They want to chew on things. Usually it is a sign of teething.  I was also warned that babies can be picky eaters.  They will spit out or throw out whatever they don’t like.  But no one warned me of the new vacuum cleaner I was about to receive. Erin has a pretty good pincer grasp.  And even though I use a traditional vacuum on a daily basis to keep our floors clean, she still finds things that were left behind. Here’s a list of a few things Erin has managed to digest with or without my knowing:

– Cheerios that rolled under the couch or in a corner

– Old pieces of baked apple and other food on the kitchen floor

– string

– baby sitter’s LONG hair (this seems to only partially come out the other end…I have to ummm…errrr….finish pulling it out for her. :/

– paper

– paper

-more paper

– poop (yes, folks poop….from her diaper….as I was attempting to change it)

– lint

– lint

-more lint

Now where is that packing slip that Ping and I can’t seem to find??

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