Cheese Whiz!

My mom is smart.  She raised 3 girls and worked full time.  She did a great job in my opinion.  So, when it comes to raising Erin, I don’t normally question my mom’s advice or judgement.  Key word being NORMALLY.  So, when my mom came to help out for a week when Erin was 2 months old, I learned a few things that were valuable.  After bath time one night, I began to do my usual rush of lubing Erin up with lotion and getting her into her jammies so that the time she spends screaming through this process is minimal. My mom had Erin in her arms in the towel.  When she heard about my next steps, she delightfully exclaimed, “Oh no!  You need to spend time cuddling with them.  Naked time in the towel!”  I asked her, “isn’t she going to pee on you?”  Mom simply said, “Nope.  She emptied her bladder in the warm bath water.” I cautiously said, “okay, but I don’t know how long she’ll want that, she expects jammies and a bottle pretty quickly.”  We can fairly say that my Mom and I each learned something that night. I learned my baby’s bladder is empty after baths, thus she can have “naked time” for a bit afterward.  My Mom learned that Erin pretty much doesn’t want to cuddle after a bath, she wants jammies and a bottle.

Fast forward to about 9 months of age.  Erin is all over the place and very mobile.  Our time after baths are spent chasing her with lotion and jammies trying to get her ready for bed and stay out of, well, everything.  Letting her roam as we get her ready for bed has helped cut out the fuss and fight she puts up on the changing table these days.  Until the other night.  We had a nice LONG, WARMER THAN NORMAL bath.  So much fun she had in there.  I take Erin wrapped in her towel into her room and finish drying her off, I set her down, turn to grab the lotion, turn back around and find a smiling, giggling baby standing at her crib, peeing all over the floor!  So, Mom, you were WRONG!

1 thought on “Cheese Whiz!

  1. This is so funny because my mom let T go diaper free to air him out. I told her, “He’s gonna poop. He’s gonna poop.” No he isn’t, she says. 30 seconds later. He poops on the floor.

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