What’s That Funky Smell?

    It’s Erin’s regurgitated formula.

     Stay at home moms are stereotyped as women who are frumpy. Frumpy is another word for “not well kept.” I must confess, I have become this type of stay at home mom.

     I’ll start off with my hair. For those of you who know me well, it takes a lot for me to not do my hair in the morning, even if it is always done in the same style. Blow dry, curling iron and a little hairspray to pat down the stuff the sticks up at my part. Doesn’t ever take me that long to do my hair. (Unless I decide to curl it more than just the bottom) 10 minutes tops. Now days, I just blow dry the front. Two seconds, that’s it. I leave the rest to air dry. What’s the point when 11:00am comes around and it’s put back into a pony tail anyway to keep Erin from grabbing at it all day. Plus, I’m shedding like crazy right now. That nice thick pregnancy hair is falling out.

     Make up: since I started wearing this stuff consistently in college (yes, college. Swim team in high school kept me from having time or caring to work on my face), I never go a day without it. Even if I know I won’t leave the house that day, I still normally do it. My facial canvas is now left plain. Maybe I’ll put some moisturizer on it, but some days it doesn’t even get that treatment. I find it rather funny I still scratch my eye as if I’m afraid to ruin my mascara or eye shadow.

     My wardrobe: Where do I begin here?  I believe I probably became a good candidate for TLC’s “What Not To Wear” back in the 90’s. (Too bad no one has nominated me yet.  To my knowledge anyway) My style hasn’t changed much since then. Jeans and a T-shirt. That’s my signature look. Of course in the winter I might throw on my grey cardigan that I always carry around with me. I believe it has a hole in it too. I don’t think anyone notices but me though. Grey goes with everything and it the cardigan looks somewhat stylish. Although, when I was teaching, I realized that kids are not afraid to tell you what everyone really thinks about what you look like. I’ve heard, “you wear the same thing every day” quite a few times from those 4th graders. I do switch it up: summer, it’s shorts and a t-shirt. Now that I’m a stay at home mom, my closet hasn’t changed much except my clothing size. 😦 I still wear a t-shirt and shorts around the house. My shorts are so old they have holes in the crotch. I don’t care as I don’t wear them outside. They are comfy and with the amount of spit up they meet, its good I keep my actual shorts in the dresser until I really need them to venture outside.

     Spit up: this seems to be my new fragrance. Not by choice, though. Erin has silent reflux. (silent reflux means the child catches their spit up on the way up and swallow it.  This is in contrast to the traditional reflux which entails large amounts of projectile spit up) However, the silent part doesn’t stay silent all the time. I believe my shirt acquires a good portion of her nasty smelling formula. Yeah, her formula smells bad. Really bad. She’s on Alimentum, made my Similac. It’s a special formula that has the milk protein already broken down. She drinks this because she can’t tolerate anything else. (When I did breast feed her, she would even spit that out too.)  That stuff is the worst smelling formula on the market! It smells before it’s consumed and smells 10 times worse when its expelled from the body no matter what end. I even manage to get this down my shirt, on my bra, down my back, and other places I didn’t think spit up could get to. I always keep a burp cloth either near me, in my hand or in a pocket to at least try to catch what comes from Erin’s mouth at any unexpected moment.  Tummy time…yeah, that’s done 3 hours after she ate and she still manages to spit up a good amount at that time.

Yes folks, it true. I’ve fallen into that stereotype of a stay at home mom. I think I need to keep looking at the bright side: at least I’m exercising.

1 thought on “What’s That Funky Smell?

  1. Your baby is adorable! I too, am a stay-at-home-mom, and I could identify with each of your categories. My hair never gets done, other than ponytails, because in my case, it is long and I can't leave my boys unattended long enough to do anything else. In fact, a shower is a rare treasure in itself. No makeup for me unless I am going somewhere special, and I wear pyjama bottoms every day instead of pants, along with a shirt with stains and holes in it. Yikes. But, after years of wearing "eau de spit up", not only as an aroma, but a visual garnish to my shirts as well. I'm assuming this stage will pass, and we will one day be "non-frumpy" moms again.

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