Still loving those G’s!

Erin has officially moved up to the medium size Gdiapers!  The mediums are for babies that are 13-24 pounds.  What’s great about moving into the mediums is that you’re pretty much golden in terms of the plastic liners and cloth/flushable inserts from here on out because they fit mediums, large and the new extra large gpants!  I decided to use some resources and get as many used medium gdiapers as possible.  It was hard to resist the Gsale that is going on right now (3 solid color gdiapers for $39!).  I did buy into it once.  I was able to get the rest of my stash gently used or used, but in excellent used condition.  They are still working great and we have no leaks thus far!!  I am very pleased!  We love our G’s!

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