They Say Running is Therapeutic…..

I agree tremendously!  During the month of January while I was recovering from my surgery, I couldn’t wait to bust out and start running again.  The last day I ran was Christmas morning with Rachel.  That first run February 3rd was such a great moment and humbling too!  In just 5 weeks, I had gone from waddling pretty well 3 miles a day to barely being able to run 3 blocks!  This is horrible! I thought. I signed up for a half marathon that is in 8 weeks and I can’t even run a 1/2 mile! I decided I would get my butt in gear and ramp up my mileage so I would be in shape for this next race.  Running also gave me an outlet to escape from this world.  All that came crashing down about 3 weeks ago when I finished a 7 mile run.  My heel hurt.  I had a day of rest the next day and would run again on Monday so I didn’t think anything of it.  But when Monday came, my 3 mile run was extremely painful.  That’s when it hit me….I had my first running injury.  I was angry to have to take some time off.  Our stationary bike at home helped substitute my cardio, but every runner will tell you that a bike just doesn’t do it for a runner when needing to exercise. I tested my heel a week later with a 3 mile run, but the pain was still there.  Even walking was painful.  I decided to see a sports medicine doc.  I made an appointment for the following week.  Meanwhile, I kept biking until, a week ago, my darn bike BROKE!  Now I was really devastated!  What was I supposed to do for cardio!  I’m addicted to cardio!  Finally, Wednesday comes around and I see my doc.  A very easy run/walk the morning prior showed me that I was pain free, but I wanted to make sure nothing was still wrong before I really got back into running.  Dr. King was amazing.  He check not only my feet but my legs, knees, hips and back.  Since I was pain free he cleared me to run….SLOWLY  recover.  So what happened that made me get injured?  I did too much too fast.  The simplest rule a runner is NEVER supposed to break.  I did it because it was my escape, it felt good and helped me get through my day.  Yes, running IS my therapy.

2 thoughts on “They Say Running is Therapeutic…..

  1. Tricia,You don't know me, but I linked to your blog through the Runners World preggo forum. I am so sorry for your loss and I know exactly how you are feeling. Our third daughter, Eden Grace, was with us for only 4 months when she passed away in July of 08. I know that it is so very difficult and that your heart is so empty and I am sorry. Try not to blame yourself because you did nothing wrong. Give yourself time to grieve your sweet baby's loss. It will take time and it is a long process, but each day will get a little better.My thoughts are with you,Keisa

  2. Tricia,I lost my daughter to UPD 14 paternal on February 20 this year. She was born at 34 weeks 5 days. She was 16 days old when she died. When I read your post it gave me tremendous comfort, you wrote exactly how I am feeling. We had no warning of her condition despite multiple ultrasounds and CVS. My husband and I bought a carseat and decorated a nursery, I changed jobs and got my sons ready for a sister. Now we are all in counseling and the room sits empty.If you ever want to talk to someone who knows exactly what you are going through, my email is Sincerely,Carolyn

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