We Love our Little Girl

Two appointments have no occurred since I last wrote on this blog.  I decided to wait to report, because I wanted to get more clarity and answers from my doctor to ensure an accurate report to you.  Let me start off by saying that Ping and I are very happy to be expecting a child in our lives.  We rejoice in the fact that God has provided us with a child to care for and raise.  We only hope and pray that we will do the best that we can for her.  With that said, we received some news at my level II ultrasound.  This ultrasound is done at 20 weeks.  It looks at the baby’s organs, and other anatomy to ensure the baby is normal and healthy.  If some of you have read earlier, you will know that at 12 weeks, we chose to do the Neuchal Translucency screening to test for the possibility of Down’s Syndrome and Trisomy 18.  Our results from that test came back with the result of “screen positive: increased risk of Down’s Syndrome.”  At that time, we chose not to do an amnio because our chance of having a kid with Down’s (although increased) was only 5%.  At the level II ultrasound, it was revealed that our child had some physical markers for Down’s.  Her long bones (limbs) measure only in the 2 percentile range for her gestational age.  Her Iliac Bone (hip) is widen, also consistent with Down’s.  The notes of the ultrasound state: High risk Down Syndrome.  My doctor today talked with me more about these results.  He stated that in his experience, it is safe to say that our little girl does have Down Syndrome.  With her proportions (a chubby baby – her abdomen measurment is in the 77 percentile- and short limbs- in the 2 and 5 percentile) she pretty much has Down Syndrome.

Right now, I feel sad that we won’t be having a perfectly healthy girl.  Overall, we know that God has made this baby just for Ping and I and we are delighted to love her and raise her no matter her condition.  Dr. Jeng has suggested seeing a Genetic Counselor to discuss more about Down Syndrome and how we can prepare for our little girl’s arrival into this world.  Here is her newest picture taken in 3D.  A bonus too: a belly picture….(I don’t like posting these normally)  I am currently 5 months today!

3 thoughts on “We Love our Little Girl

  1. i second what marcia wrote: thanks for sharing about this, tricia. if you're up for it, i'd love to hear more from you, even before our planned get-together with the husbands.

  2. I'm sad for you too but grateful that you shared. I have developed some wonderful resources and supporting networks for parents who are trying raising Godly children with Downs. Let me know if you are in need of them. As Marcia said, she is perfectly and wonderfully made :)!

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