Folks, We have a heartbeat!

I had my 7 week appointment today.  This is one I was really anxious and excited for as it is expected to see the heartbeat at 7 weeks.  In preparation for hurricane Dan, my half marathon coming up, and to get some anxiety out, I did a 10 mile run this morning.  It was raining the entire time, but felt so good to be out on the trail, seeing other runners and in God’s wet nature.  As I layed in the examination room, I heard, “Do you see the heart beat?”  I was like, “no.” In an anxious voice, then I looked a little harder and saw it!  Little Lee is measured at just under 1 cm long, the heartbeat was at 107 bpm and we could faintly hear it!  It was so exciting to actually see a human being inside of me!  Here is a picture of the sonogram.

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